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Pack system based on circular motorized registers ø 200mm.

INCLUDED: HYBRID control unit with Wifi connectivity and ETERNAL/SMART,  RADIO/WIRED remote controls.

For communication with the indoor unit:
– Communication via WIRED GATEWAY or via GATEWAY IR included in the control unit.


  • Control of operating mode.
  • Intelligent regulation of the set temperature.
  • Motorized diffusion control (grids, registers, diffusers, fan coils).
  • It includes serial WiFi module for the remote control of the installation.
  • Two non-polarity wire KOOLNOVA BUS.
  • Inverter infrared transmitter included to control in IR-technology-based direct expansion units.
  • Controllable from any building management system (BMS).
  • N.O. relay output with switching capacity of 8A/250Vac.
  • 2 MODBUS RS485 protocol communication ports.
  • Control of up to 4 indoor (concealed ducted units or split, cassettes, consoles) units via to each-technology-dedicated gateway (fancoils, VRF, DX).
  • Alarm inputs and humidity sensor.
  • System´s efficiency management with EFI algorithm.
  • Isolated relay output for ON/OFF control.
  • Isolated relay output for production control of the entire system.
  • Isolated relay output to control 3-speed fancoil ventilator.
  • 0-10 V output for fan coil speed.
  • Isolated relay output for ON/OFF and N.O/C control of the boiler/outdoor unit.
  • Isolated relay output for controlling 8 solenoid valves V1-V8 (8 zones)

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