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Effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, odors, organic compounds, volatiles and ultrafine dust.
Data sheet 100-FCCASE00 / 100-FCCASIPG


FC-CASE is a stainless steel air purification system, equipped with an ON/OFF button positioned on the device.

The ventilation system is designed to be quiet while being tall enough to channel the unit’s intake and exhaust air with short lengths of flexible tubing.

In addition, the dust filter installed in the suction valve, being washable, allows simple maintenance without frequent filter changes. The PCOTM technology of ACTIVE modules makes the most of the combined action special UV lamp rays with a catalytic structure consisting of a honeycomb matrix in a metal alloy mainly composed of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and 3 other noble metals present in smaller quantities. 

The ACTIVE modules reverse the air flow, which gives rise to a photocatalytic reaction capable of producing hydroxyl radicals (*OH) and peroxide hydrogen (H2O2) in very small quantities (not exceeding 0.02 ppm). H2O2 and OH make it possible to disinfect both the air flow and the surfaces of the ventilation ducts thanks to the high efficiency in the decomposition of pathogens.

Only FC-IPG-CASE devices are equipped with two devices with positive and negative bipolar ionization technology, thanks to which they are more effective in reducing odors and decisive with ultrafine dust. Hazardous dust whose inhalation may be hazardous


  • Power supply: IN 230-I-50 V-ph-Hz
  • FC-CASE maximum air flow: 130 m3/h.
  • FC-CASE dimensions in cm: 16 x 18 x 28
  • AIR KNIGHT weight: 8.0 Kg
  • Covered area: 130 m2.
  • Two versions:
    – 100-FCCASE00 FC-CASE: PCO™ Technology (FC UNIT)
    – 100-FCCASIPG FC-IPG-CASE: PCO™ technology (FC UNIT) + bipolar ionization


  • Hotels
  • Residential homes
  • Hospital rooms
  • Medical/dental clinics
  • Stores and pharmacies.

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