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Since 1988, our engineers have been developing solutions in the field of electronics and telecommunications, working alongside the biggest brands, requiring our services to undergo constant development and training, allowing our engineers to skilfully master the latest technologies. Our work during 2 decades towards thermal comfort solutions allows us today to claim being a experienced market leader in our field.

As a major player in the room-by-room regulation and control market for different HVAC technologies such as air-to air heat pumps or direct expansion, air-to-water heat pumps for underfloor heating, radiators and DHW and water-to-water (geothermal) heat pumps, VRF, boilers, etc., we bring a different vision to this market, focused on the symbiosis of product, technology, installer and end user.

The real situation

Since the first system installed, and several thousand systems later, our course of action has not deviated:

We are always attentive to your requests. This allows us, thanks to our customers´ feedback HVAC professionals, to best follow their growing constraints, which are among others: ever shorter installation times, more important functionalities, connectivity, etc.

Thanks to this feedback, we offer you controllers with a refined design at the cutting edge of technology: Non-polarity two-wire BUS technology, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for the radio controllers, helping to preserve the environment. In addition, we have EUBAC certification that meets the most rigorous quality standards in terms of precision in regulation and control.

Are you looking for solutions that allow you to optimize your time on each installation? ​

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What do our customers from different countries say?


"We offer Koolnova zoning regulations to our customers because they are reliable and easy to install products. What we particularly like is that they listen to us as installers and that the products evolve based on our needs on the ground."

Kevin Gillon

"I had a ducted system installed with a Koolnova manager in my new house and I am delighted on several points. The thermostats are intuitive, the temperature is uniform and precise and I particularly appreciate the management by wifi via the mobile application ."