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Indoor Air Quality

AQSensor is a system that operates continuously, evaluating five essential aspects for indoor air quality:
  1. Carbon dioxide (CO2): Measures the levels of CO2 in the environment.
  2. Suspended particles (PM): Evaluates the concentration of fine particles in the air.
  3. Volatile organic compounds (VOC): Detects volatile chemical substances present in the air.
  4. Temperature: Monitors the room temperature.
  5. Humidity: Controls humidity levels in the space.
Using this data, an indoor air quality index is calculated in real time and improves air quality immediately, by controlling devices such as VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) machines and purifiers. We offer three different models to adapt to specific customer needs. All devices feature the ability to measure CO2 and an AnOUT analog output, along with the implementation of the Auto Drive Boos control algorithm.

AQSensor Product Range

Models and mounting options

Desktop version available. Only WiFi connectivity and no exits/inputs.

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