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Today, zoning has become common practice, and almost all ducted equipment is equipped with it. However, not all systems offered on the market are equal, both in ease of use and installation. These solutions will be mandatory for all new constructions from January 1, 2027.


Efficiency + simplicity

Our obsession is to be able to offer you the simplest and most intuitive solutions, while retaining the essentials:

Offer an easy-to-use and ultra-efficient product for each user. It is this motivation that pushes each of our engineers, every day, to give their best, in order to be able to offer you the best products.



At KOOLNOVA we do not start from scratch but always from the most advanced technology that we adapt in our own R&D departments, in order to offer the best product on the market


At KOOLNOVA, our engineers have a habit:                           Optimize the smallest details, cm of unnecessary cable, control line, or component. The result is that we are proud to offer a simple, reliable and efficient product, at the cutting edge of technology.

Are you looking for solutions that allow you to optimize your time on each installation? ​

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What our customers think


"We offer Koolnova zoning regulations to our customers because they are reliable and easy to install products. What we particularly like is that they listen to us as installers and that the products evolve based on our needs on the ground."

Kevin Gillon

"I had a ducted system installed with a Koolnova manager in my new house and I am delighted on several points. The thermostats are intuitive, the temperature is uniform and precise and I particularly appreciate the management by wifi via the mobile application ."