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Installation with wiring and control using cable thermostats (up to 16 zones, depending on the type of thermostat installed: ETERNAL CABLE max. 8 units/ TOUCH max. 16 units).

Novaplus Home Automation technical sheet
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  • WiFi module for communications with the Koolnova cloud.
  • Two-wire KOOLNOVA Bus output without polarity for connecting the different elements of the KOOLNOVA system.
  • Detection and protection against short circuits on the Bus.
  • Alarm input for total system blocking (fire alarm).
  • Humidity sensor input (to cool the floor).
  • Delay for closing the last element (broadcast).
  • Controls up to 16 air zones (or 32 grilles) + 16 floor heating zones.
  • Simultaneous control of air and underfloor heating (automatic mode).
  • 5 operating modes: cold, hot, SR, SR+Cold, SR+Heat.
  • Real-time clock. Up to 64 weekly programs (maximum 4 per zone).
  • Simultaneous control of up to 4 pneumatic machines via gateways.
  • Programmable machine efficiency management (EFI control).
  • Automatic management of the flow rate and temperature of the machine, weighted by the size of the grids/shutters.
  • Infrared inverter gateway included for full control of direct expansion machines.
  • NO relay output with switching capacity of 8A/250Vac (resistive load).
  • 2 RS485 communication ports with the following functions: Direct machine management with RS485 compatible input. External home automation control via Modbus, PC or BUSing control interface. Modbus output for cable gateway control.
  • Automatic online software update.
  • Control from any building management system (BMS).
  • DIN rail housing with one module.


  • Supply voltage 90—264 Vac.
  • Frequency range: 47-63 Hz.
  • Power supply: IN 220V-OUT 24V
  • Power supply from an external 24Vdc source included*.
  • Dimensions of Novaplus Home Automation in mm: 99x 18 x 56
  • Supply voltage 90-264 Vac
  • Frequency range 47-67 Hz

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